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Dragons' Den Spoilers

Here are some Dragons' Den spoilers that will amaze you.

The Den is not actually an old building, in fact it is a studio/warehouse with fake walls and windows.

You don't get to meet the narrator.

The lift does not actually go up, it is all on one level, you go in on one side, the doors close behind you, you then wait and the other door opens. On the show they put in affects to make it seem like you are going up.

Before the actual filming, I had to go towards the lift, in the lift and walk back out in order that they can get several takes. When I was in the lift before the real time, I was waiting in there for absolute eternity, this was likely to get me to react and behave in ways that would be entertaining.

The actual Den is done in one take, but I was in there for just over an hour, you only got to see 15 minutes.

The BBC only allow one of each product to be shown on set, that is why you may have noticed some bags lying down or turned around. They say it's in order to not abuse the advertisement space that you get from being on the show.

Even if you get investment you don't have anything to do with the Dragons themselves, it will be one of their representatives that you will have contact with.

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